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Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack

Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack - Bulk 100% Natural Human Hair False Eyelashes


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Good things come by the dozen.

Roses, donuts, eggs... Isn't it time your lashes came by the dozen?

It's time you upgraded your makeup kit with something so revolutionary,
so practical, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Introducing the Elegant Lashes® Pro Dozen Pack: no more clutter, no more mess.
Just 12 pairs of your most frequently used lashes, all in one convenient, pretty, eco-friendly box.








Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack - Ultra Portable Travel-Friendly


Ultra-Portable Design

The Pro Dozen Pack's sleek, ultra-portable design is as practical as it is beautiful.
12 premium bulk lashes in lightweight, waste-free, simple-yet-attractive packaging
reduces clutter in your kit and frees up room for other makeup essentials.
With its large clear PVC window, you can quickly identify which style is in each box
so you'll never fumble for your favorite style again.









Elegant Lsahes Pro Dozen Pack - Easy Slid Out Tray with Pink Pull Tab

Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack | Bulk Wholesale 100% Human Hair False Eyelashes


Easy Slide-Out Tray
Make life easier.

The Pro Dozen Pack's innovative slide-out tray grants easy access for
busy professionals who don't have time to meddle with cumbersome
individual packaging while on the job.
Simply pull the pretty pink ribbon to have all 12 lashes at your fingertips.
You can easily count how many pairs you'll need and how many pairs you'll have left for the next job.
Plus, no more ruining your manicure trying to open a tiny box of lashes.
Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest difference.










Pro Dozen Pack - 12 pairs of bulk lashes, one pretty boxElegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack can be used to hold all your eyelash tools and accessories

Not Just for Lashes

The Pro Dozen Pack is designed to be so much more than just your average little box of lashes.
As the box empties out, add in tools such as your favorite false eyelash adhesive,
mascara, tweezers, and even an eyelash curler to make your Pro Dozen Pack
a multi-purpose kit for all your eyelash essentials.






Elegant Lashes® Pro Dozen Pack.

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