#066 Black False Eyelash

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Compare to: MAC 1 Lash, Ardell 101 Demi




100% Natural Human Hair
Medium Density - Short
Elegant Lashes #066 Black 

This short-but-sweet 100% Natural Human Hair lash features a unique shorter band that eliminates the need for trimming, making this the ideal lash for children, young dancers, and smaller eyes. "The Elegant Lashes #066 Black lashes delivers soft, full volume without unnecessary length. 




♥   Shorter band eliminates trimming - perfect for younger faces and smaller eyes

♥   Soft rounded shape gives the eye an innocent, wide-eyed look 

♥   Glamorous volume and natural length

♥   Exceptionally hand-crafted using the highest quality 100% Natural Human Hair;

♥    Reusable 8-12 times with proper care



Reviewed by Hazel Beltran, 11/06/2013

After putting these on, "WOW." was the first word that came out of my mouth when I eventually found my voice. It's that GOOD. This is VERY wearable - even for everyday. It is bordering on thick density but this only makes you look like you have full and thick lashes. It has the right amount of length, so it looks like you're not even wearing falsies. If you're a newbie to false lashes, this is a staple.

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