#199 Black False Eyelash

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100% Natural Human Hair
Thick Density - Long
Elegant Lashes #199 Black - the original drag lash!

Deliciously thick and ridiculously long, these extreme lashes are the classic over-the-top drag lash, and most definitely not for the faint of heart. If your goal is just to look "pretty," look somewhere else. There's absolutely nothing "natural" about our #199 lashes ... and that's exactly how you like them. 

WARNING: These lashes are intended for drag queens and burlesque dancers. NOT intended for wimps.



bulk false eyelashes human hair Elegant Lashes triple pack eyelashes

Triple Pack: 
Save space in your makeup kit and keep lashes clean & organized with the Ingenius Triple Pack. (3 lashes in 1 reusable case!)
Three pairs of Elegant Lashes® are placed on 3 individual trays, then inserted into the reusable jumbo-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard. (Saves money, saves space, and minmizes waste!)
elegant lashes human hair false eyelashes in packagingElegant Lashes false eyelashes triple pack packaging



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buy bulk false eyelashes human hair Elegant Lashes



The ideal solution for salons and makeup studios.

Our true bulk lashes have absolutely no packaging 
(lashes placed on tray only - no hangtag, no clamshell) and are available year-round at an automatic pro discount.


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elegant lashes human hair false eyelashes packagingmac shu uemura false eyelashes packaging

Regular Single pack: 

One pair of Elegant Lashes is placed on a regular-size tray which is then inserted into the regular-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard. (Case is reusable - use for storage & travel!)


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Reviewed by Celebrity Seaborn, 04/27/2016

These lashes were great!!! I've hipped many of my clients to them especially Haiti of Arcadia. You can check out how they look at http://Celebrityseaborn.com

Reviewed by CC's near the lake, 04/06/2013

Holy moly! These are some thick, long lashes! Still not sure about them--definitely an evening/theatre lash. (the inner diva in me loooves them....)

Reviewed by barb brelin, 03/15/2013

Love the falseeyelashes. Beautiful, elegant and very sexy. They give me that glamorous look I never had before with other store bought lashes.

Reviewed by Cara, 01/25/2013

Like they've said these lashes may not be for beginners or someone who doesnt like to go all out. If you're looking for lashes that are really thick and looongg this is it!!!! After my long search I've finally found them and at first I was a little taken aback by how long they were but HA im still gonna wear!!

Reviewed by Stephan J Kowalsky, 11/15/2012

The perfect False Eyelashes for the Barbie Doll Look!

Reviewed by Nikki C., 11/14/2012

These are some badass lashes!!! Love em!

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