#018 Black Under Lash

Elegant Lashes M016 Double Stacked + #018 Black Under Lashes
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100% Natural Human Hair

Under / Bottom / Lower Lashes
Elegant Lashes #018 Black 


          Part of the Sexy Undies Collection





♥   Piecey clusters thicker/longer in the middle for a wide-eyed effect

♥   Invisible band for the most naural application & seamless blending with any makeup

♥   Lashes can be flipped and used as ultra natural-looking top lashes

♥   Reusable (8-15 times)

♥   Individually hand-crafted using the highest quality 100% Natural Human Hair




Triple pack: 
Three pairs of Elegant Lashes® are placed on 3 individual trays which are then inserted into the jumbo-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard. (save on unit cost)
elegant lashes human hair false eyelashes triple pack in packagingElegant Lashes false eyelashes triple pack packaging



This is the actual package Triple Pack (3 pairs/3 trays) you will receive.


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Bulk: If you wish, you may instead buy in bulk (lashes placed on tray only - no hangtag, no clamshell) by clicking "Bulk" in the "Select Quantity" dropdown menu above.




mac shu uemura false eyelashes packagingelegant lashes human hair false eyelashes packaging

Regular Single pack: 

One pair of Elegant Lashes is placed on regular-size tray which is then inserted into the regular-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard.


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Reviewed by Lucinda, 03/10/2015

My favorite from their "Sexy Undies" collection. These bottom lashes aren't really for "natural" looks but for making a statement and they sure do make a statement! I love them and they last a long time, A+!

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