#220 Black False Eyelash

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Compare to: MAC 7 Lash, Ardell 102 Demi, Ardell Demi Pixies

MAC 7 Lash dupe Elegant Lashes 220 Black False Eyelash                     Elegant Lashes 220 Black False Eyelash natural looking

Compare Elegant Lashes #220 to MAC 7 Lash!    |    Why is this scary-looking style so darn popular?



Light Density - Short

Elegant Lashes #220 Black

100% Natural Human Hair False Eyelashes



Reviewed by Jennifer S., 12/01/2014

Love these lashes! I double them up and wear them every day. They are super durable and easy to maintain. I've been searching for a long time for the perfect pair at a reasonable price and can't believe I finally found this site!

Reviewed by Katty Henriquez-Thillet, 04/19/2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE LASHES!!!! I am of course, a MUA and your lashes are so easy to apply and use. They don't make my clients feel like they have a ton of bricks on their lashes. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Grace Ramsey, 11/15/2012

Okay so I read the blog after seeing the other two reviews and then made my purchase coz I knew exactly want to expect. Yes they were really sharp looking and longer then what I would usually consider short but I expected this and was freaking out when they arrived in the mail two days later. I love the way they make my eyes look and the clear band is a super big plus for me. Gorgeus lash very versatile and affordable.

Reviewed by Jessica F., 11/08/2012

I am glad i read the blog and gave these a try. They are intimidating looking in the package as nobody has spiky lashes naturally, but incredibly beautiful on. Perfect natural lenght yet noticeable, brings you the just enough amount of glamour. Shipping was extremely fast. Thank you girls, So glad I found you.

Reviewed by Kiyanei, 11/02/2012

These lashes are excellent! Very light weight . I can't feel them on my lids at all. The length and the width of the lashes are perfect. I am very happy that I read the blogs because the short does run longer then you would think.

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