#028 Brown False Eyelash

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shyne sunny lee wearing  Elegant Lashes #028 Brown Human Hair false eyelashes

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Classic brown lashes perfect for fresh summer looks.  


Compare to: Ardell Fashion Lashes 137, Urban Decay "Babydoll"



100% Natural Human Hair
Medium Density - Short
Elegant Lashes #028 Brown



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Reviewed by Hazel Beltran, 11/06/2013

If you're interested in achieving an everyday hime gyaru look, minus the drama, seriously consider these lashes. Because they look more natural and softer than their black counterpart, they will help you look like you are not trying too hard to achieve the hime gyaru look; you will look like you were actually born with sweet and innocent princess features.

Even if you're not trying to achieve the hime gyaru look, this is still great to have, especially for a date night, a night out or a formal event, because of its believable length and volume, it does not look too over-the-top. You can even skip mascara (at least, in my opinion).

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