#315 Black False Eyelash

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100% Natural Human Hair

Medium Density - Extra Short
Elegant Lashes #315 Black

-  Accent lash (demi lash) for outer corners of the eyes
-  Ideal for beginners and natural looks


Reviewed by Corinne s, 01/21/2015

amazing what such a tiny eyelash can do! My absolute favorite because it instantly gifts the eyes a 'lift'. I can reuse the same pair forever and ever because the quality is that good. My perfect everyday eyelash, highly recommend! 

Reviewed by Jenna Kang, 11/01/2012

These are my favorite. I don't like to make it obvious that I'm wearing fake lashes at my super corporate office job, but these are perfect. They look so natural while giving me that extra boost I need to make me feel pretty. It just looks like a have naturally full eyelashes. Thanks!

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