#747XS Black False Eyelash

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Compare to: MAC 4 Lash


100% Natural Human Hair
Medium Density - Extra Short
Elegant Lashes #747XS Black

Actual lengths for #747 group:

#747 mini - 8 mm
#747 XS - 10 mm
#747 S - 13 mm
#747 M - 16 mm
#747 L - 17 mm


Reviewed by Claire W., 01/15/2016

WOW. I know this style isn't the most fancy or dramatic but it is classic ...... and surprisingly pretty. Every time I put it on I'm amazed at what such a simple little eyelash can do. For me this is the perfect length. The hairs are very good quality and looks very "soft" when worn. I really really like the effect it gives to my makeup! Great finishing touch!

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