#018 Black Under Lash

Elegant Lashes M016 Double Stacked + #018 Black Under Lashes
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100% Natural Human Hair

Under / Bottom / Lower Lashes
Elegant Lashes #018 Black 


          Part of the Sexy Undies Collection





♥   Piecey clusters thicker/longer in the middle for a wide-eyed effect

♥   Invisible band for the most naural application & seamless blending with any makeup

♥   Lashes can be flipped and used as ultra natural-looking top lashes

♥   Reusable (8-15 times)

♥   Individually hand-crafted using the highest quality 100% Natural Human Hair





Reviewed by Lucinda, 03/10/2015

My favorite from their "Sexy Undies" collection. These bottom lashes aren't really for "natural" looks but for making a statement and they sure do make a statement! I love them and they last a long time, A+!

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