#747S Black False Eyelash

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Compare to: MAC 4 Lash


100% Natural Human Hair
Medium Density - Short
Elegant Lashes #747S Black

Actual lengths for #747 group:

#747 mini - 8 mm
#747 XS - 10 mm
#747 S - 13 mm
#747 M - 16 mm
#747 L - 17 mm


Reviewed by Kayla Arnold, 02/18/2013

These are the most natural looking lashes I have ever bought. Every time I wear them people ask me, "are those your real lashes?!" Amazing quality, too!

Reviewed by Brenda C, 11/15/2012

I use these on my brides all the time and they love it! An all around beautiful lash that helps me and my business look good and save money.

Reviewed by Jessica R., 10/25/2012

I've been using red cherry lashes 747S for years and when I saw that this company had the same exact styles as they did, I got curious. I thought they'd be a cheapo version (or maybe even the same if I was lucky) of the red cherry lashes, but nooooo. These guys totally blow Red Cherry out of the water! There's something about the quality that's just... DIFFERENT. Can't explain it but you'll see what i mean when you try it out for yourself.

I use this lash for just about every look. Natural, clubbing, date. It's not "short" on my eyes at all. I get the full glamorous hollywood look I want with the length i could ever get from even my favorite mascaras. Totally recommend this style to everyone. I'll probably be getting it in the bulk option next time. It's cheaper that way!

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