I-Q3 Baby Flare Short Black

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Elegant Lashes Individual Baby Flare EyelashesIndividual Lashes - Flare

Elegant Lashes I-Q3 Baby Flare Short Black




- 2mm Shorter/Lightweight than Regular Flare lashes for an incredibly natural-looking, realistic result.

- Enhance your clients' eyes - naturally!

- Length - 7 mm 

Total 60 individual lashes on a tray 

- Each cluster is made of 10 perfectly curled & flared strands


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Reviewed by Rebekah, 03/21/2015

I've been used to plastic false lashes, which are unnaturally shiny and look plastic, so I was very impressed with Elegant Lashes' human hair lashes. In real life, the difference in quality is very noticable. I was impressed that the price is so low compared to the quality. These short ones blend perfectly into my own lashes. I’m Asian with naturally very short lashes, and I have a hard time finding false lashes that don’t stick out 5mm past my real lashes. And I found exactly what I was looking for at Elegant Lashes! When I put them on, they’re like my own lashes, but thicker and fuller. I cannot use them on my underlashes, because my underlashes are so thin and sparse that my eyes would look too different with them on. But it would work on most people. My only wish is that they would start carrying single individual lashes at 6mm or less, for very lash-less people like me who don’t want strip lashes but want some hair under their eyes. I would order a lifetime supply of them if they carried them! It was my first order and I’m already hooked! The price, quality, speedy shipping are all amazing! I will order again and again.

Reviewed by Stephanie G, 07/21/2014

These are the same as the regular flare extra shorts but cheaper! Excellent quality as always, i will never stop buying lashes from you guys!