I-T3 Trio Flare Short Black

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Elegant Lashes® Trio Flare - Short Black



- 3x faster and easier than individual lashes!

- 3 individual flare lashes conveniently tied to a single band for quick & easy application

- Length - 10 mm 

Total 39 trio clusteres per tray 

- Professional quality



NOTE: Trio Flares are NOT meant to be worn to sleep. As with all strip lashes, please remove Trio Flares every night before going to bed. Other wise they will become bent and damaged during sleep. 



 Elegant Lashes Individual Trio Flare Eyelashes


Elegant Lashes Individual Lashes packaging options

Reviewed by Malky, 09/09/2017

These lashes look amazing and are so easy to apply!

Reviewed by lisa marie, 04/17/2015

Please make these in extra small and long!

I love these lashes! I pretty much apply lashtite and they last weeks just like the salon extensions, but these are EASY TO APPLY AND LOOK BETTER! LOVE THESE!

Reviewed by Kendall, 03/18/2015

This review is much overdue. I am in no way a professional makeup artists, but I do love my faux lashes and wear them nearly every day. HOWEVER I've never dared gone near individual lashes because I just can't seem to put them on correclty for the life of me. The TRIO lashes are nothing short of amazing! I can't believe how easy it is for someone like me to apply individual lashes, I feel like a pro! The lashes look so good and so real I get compliments EVERY. TIME I wear my Trio lashes. Agree with the reviewer below, please make them in extra short and I will love you guys forever!

Reviewed by Mandy, 01/08/2015

game changer! Please make one in extra short. I can't get enough of the trio flares! XXX

Reviewed by Rebecca W., 11/13/2014

These are so incredibly convenient and easy to use. There are three bundles of hairs stuck together so it makes it a lot faster than applying them one by one. I find these way easier to wear than regular lashes too cuz they're smaller. Amazing product. Will continue buying. 

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