> Individual Lashes

Elegant Lashes Individual Single Lashes (Eyelash Extensions)


Nothing looks more natural than Individual Single lashes!

Elegant Lashes Individual Flare Lashes (Eyelash Extensions)


The ORIGINAL individual flare lashes!

Baby Flare

Mini length for maximum customization (also great for lower lashes!)

Elegant Lashes Knot Free Individual Flare False Eyelash Extensions

Knot Free

Undetectable Flare Lashes that look like your own!

Elegant Lashes Professional Individual Eyelash Extensions

Super Flare

2x WIDER for a flirty, flared-out look!

Elegant Lashes Double Flare Individual Eyelash Extensions

Double Flare

2x thicker for twice the volume in half the time!

Trio Flare

3x FASTER and EASIER than individual lashes!