About Us

We're Not for Everybody... And That's Exactly How You Like It


Starting as a wholesale distributor in 1991 for beauty supply stores and salons, Elegant Lashes went online in 2003 as one of the first false eyelash websites to cater ONLY to professionals in the beauty and entertainment industries. ElegantLashes.com was co-founded and created by Sunny and Bonnie, twin daughters of the creators of the Elegant Lashes® brand that has become synonymous with exceptional quality at an unbeatable value.               

shyne sunny & bonnie at IMATS 2013 for Elegant Lashes

at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) LA, 2013

A Company Dedicated 100% to Professionals

-          Everything – from our organized site navigation and gigantic selection (over 500 styles!) to our unique bulk pricing system and simple packaging – is designed with the professional user and business owner in mind


Elegant Lashes is made by the same makers of MAC, Shu Uemura, and Make Up For Ever Lashes

Quality to the Extreme

-          Each pair of Elegant Lashes is lovingly handmade with expert craftsmanship by the same manufacturers as MAC and Shu Uemura lashes. With Elegant Lashes, you always get designer quality without the ridiculous designer price.

-          Unlike cheaper brands, Elegant Lashes are lightweight in feel with thin, flexible lash bands for ultimate comfort, easy application, and custom fit to any eye shape

-          With proper care, Elegant Lashes can be worn anywhere from 8-15 times!  (Bonnie’s personal record – 28 uses! Now that's a high quality product.)


100% Natural Human Hair

-          Looks real, feels real – because it is real. Nothing beats the softness, versatility, and quality of finest-grade 100% Natural Human Hair.


Pre-Discounted Every Day – No Coupons Necessary!

-          All prices are automatically pre-discounted for pros up to 80% off our competitors’ price - no application necessary! Why? Because professionals should never pay full price for the best quality products.

-          Money-saving multi-pair and TRUE BULK eyelash options available for ALL styles year-round!

3 for 1 False Eyelashes - Elegant Lashes Ingenious Triple Pack


Simple, Fuss-Free Packaging - The Ingenious Triple Pack

-          Our simple, clean packaging saves space in your makeup kit, is easy to open, and eliminates time/money wasted on needlessly elaborate (and environmentally wasteful!) packaging.

-          Ingenious Triple Pack cases can be reused to store lash+glue or multiple pairs of lashes!

-          Eco-friendly, reusable, and proudly made in the USA! 

-          All cases double as storage and are also great for travel.



Easy, Flat-Fare Shipping

-          Professional makeup artists and salons should NEVER be punished with higher shipping fees for purchasing large quantities. That’s why at ElegantLashes.com, whether you purchase 10 pairs or 100 pairs, you enjoy peace of mind with our simple flat-fare shipping. 

(On a side note, if you’re not a professional, our flat fare shipping won’t really make sense to you. You're better off on Amazon if you just want cheap shipping without the amazing pro discount.)




You and your clients only deserve the absolute best. 
Never settle for anything less than Elegant Lashes®.