D441 Decorated Eyelash

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Lengthening and Defining Black False Eyelashes with Cool Blue Crystal Stones

Rhinestone lashes can be tricky. Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to make your lashes feel weightless and comfortable!




Reviewed by Luci Luci, 08/02/2013

I went on an eyelash buying spree this month and ended up with shu uemura's, limited edition Dior's and a non-labeled costume shop brand all with crystal eyeliner like this - and then I came across these too and thought I'd give them a try because they had colors that were different than the others.

At first I was bummed that I couldn't just buy one pair to try out but when they got here I was actually thrilled I have three pairs!! The crystals are good quality and very sparkly - they form a very uniform line - while the slightly more expensive costume shop ones were all over the place and the band was made of stiff cardboard.

these were much more comparable to the shu uemuras and the dior's - although I found the elegant lashes band to be even softer and more flexible. They look great on and because I have three pairs they won't sit around unworn for years for fear of ruining them!

I found the stones on these to be a very wearable subtle tiny of blue and I'll be wearing them often!