A14 Large Duo Eyelash Adhesive - Clear

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Large 1/2 oz. tube for Strip Lashes


- Same adhesive as sold at the M.A.C. counter!
- Waterproof
- Dries clear (invisible)
- Use with strip lashes OR individual lashes
- Safe latex formula




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Reviewed by Deb, 08/28/2017

i've been using elegent lashes for about 25 - 30 years and have not found any other lashes as good as E.L. & i've used Duo for 50 years both are a match made that can't be beat. i can put lashes on less than 10 minutes and the quality of both is important for all day wear. especially when applying the glue. i have never had pink eye nor irritation which creates tears.and Duo has never in 50 years caused a health issue to my life. I thank God for both Elegant Lash for women and men saying I have beautiful eyes everyday.. I buy EL by the box never want to run out of either. very thankful Duo is still around after all these years and i recommend both products without question. I never do surveys or recommend anything unless i've used it for years. you won't be sorry if you try them its the strip that matters and Elegant Lashes is consistent in quality on every pair and I've purchased thousands.over the years.

Reviewed by Trish, 08/11/2015

This glue is NOT waterproof. However, I've been applying false eyelashes everyday for about 20 years and have never found waterproof eyelash glue. The glue works the way it's supposed to, just don't cry and get watery eyes, etc..