D879 Decorated Feather Eyelash

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Premium Feather Eyelashes - Elegant Lashes® Exclusive

Elegant Lashes® D879 Rhinestone Feather Eyelash

Rhinestone lashes can be tricky. Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to make your lashes feel weightless and comfortable!




- Our gorgeous best-selling feather eyelash adorned with a stunning rhinestone band!

Elegant Lashes® Exlusive: We custom-designed it, so there's nothing else like it in the world!

-  Luxurious extra-large jumbo size jet black false eyelashes with 3 extra-long black accent feathers, adorned with a sparkling rhinestone band

- Lashes are 100% handmade from top quality materials

- Reusable

- Ideal for photo/video shoots, dance/cheer, runway/print, cheer, theater, performance, parties, and Halloween



elegant lashes 301 black drag queen thick long human hair false eyelashes

Jumbo Single Pack: One pair of Elegant Lashes® is placed on its own Jumbo-size tray and elegantly packaged into a high-quality 100% recyclable, 100% reusable paper box. Available in 2-, 12-, and 20-pair options.


bulk human hair false eyelashes



Bulk: Bulk false eyelashes available year-round for pro makeup artsists, dancers, and salons. Bulk lashes have zero unnecessary packaging (lashes placed on tray only). Available in 50-pair and 100-pair options.





Reviewed by Elisa Warner, 08/04/2014

Absolutely beautiful lashes. Your site has so many wonderful eyelashes for competition use. My daughter likes to keep hers in the plastic boxes and reuse them for special occasions. They always look great and hold up very well even after multiple uses. These are by far her favorite and mine.

Reviewed by Amy Lark, 04/10/2014

Gorgeous! I was looking for something big and sparkly for my students to wear to nationals and these were perfect. Will be ordering more from your site for upcoming competitions. I love your selection and prices!

Reviewed by Laura, 01/30/2013

My dancers used these last year and they were gorgeous! They held up for many performances and really made them stand out on stage. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Virginia, 01/01/2013

This site has quality eyelashes that are affordable, durable and attractive.

Reviewed by patricia s, 11/27/2012

Simply stunning. This is not the cheap stuff you find on eBay or Amazon. The quality is amazing and the lashes are just beautiful. Highly recommend.

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