I-D3 Double Flare Short Black

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Elegant Lashes Double Flare - Short Black

 Elegant Lashes Individual Flare Eyelashes




Some people were just made from drama. 10mm of naturally enhancing length do double duty as they fan out from a cluster of 20 generous strands of  luxuriously dense hairs. Whether applied all along the lash line or just at the outer corners, you're bound to fall shamelessly in love with the dramatic volume that only our Double Flare Short lashes can give.

Don't forget to complete your Double Flare lash look by adding Double Flare X-Short lashes along your lower lash line for truly dramatic, full, and sexy lashes. 

200% more hair (thicker) than Regular Flare lashes for a more dramatic, voluminous result.

- Thickest flare lashes on the market!

- Length - 10 mm 

Total 60 individual lashes on a tray 

- Each cluster is made of 20 perfectly curled & flared strands


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Reviewed by Crystal, 01/08/2015

After using Double flare lashes I don't think I can ever go back to the regular ones! They are like 2 flare lashes stacked in one. For an individual lash they are incredibly dramatic but still manage to be undetectable unlike strip lashes which you can sometimes see. I'm so happy to explore with so many individual lash styles and defintely found my new must-have!

Reviewed by Melissa Dunn, 06/18/2014

Outstanding lashes! Tried and love all your double thick individuals and will continue getting these. Great quality, great price, and quick shipping makes me a happy lifetime customer!

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