I-D5 Double Flare Medium Black

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Elegant Lashes Double Flare | Medium Black


 Elegant Lashes Individual Flare Eyelashes




You're sexy and you know it. Brimming with drama and a healthy appetite for all things glam, our Double Flare Medium lashes will be your go-to when it comes to creating smoldering eyes. Use these all along your entire lash line or do what we do: apply these at the outer corners and use shorter lengths as you work your way towards the the inner corner. The possibilities are endless. 

Don't forget to complete your Double Flare lash look by adding Double Flare X-Short lashes along your lower lash line for truly dramatic, full, and sexy lashes. 

200% more hair (thicker) than Regular Flare lashes for a more dramatic, voluminous result.

- Thickest flare lashes on the market!

- Length - 8 mm 

Total 60 individual lashes on a tray 

- Each cluster is made of 20 perfectly curled & flared strands


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Reviewed by Rebecca K., 06/23/2015

Wow, I am really impressed with these double flare eyelashes! Not only are they more full and dramatic than the normal flares, but because they are thicker I find it's also easier to apply which I did not expect! I love how thick they are but they don't look fake because there is no band. GREAT lashes and great price!

Reviewed by Angelica, 07/31/2014

Very impressive lashes. They're so thick and are breathtakingly beautiful in person. Quick shipping and great customer service. This give me the fullness I desire in less than half the time. Absolutely phenomenal product.

Reviewed by chantal, 04/04/2014

gives fuller, thicker look
love this a lot.

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