I-X7 Super Flare Long Black

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Individual Lashes - Super Flare
Elegant Lashes Super Flare | Long Black

 Elegant Lashes Super Flare Bulk Individual Eyelashes




-  2x wider (more flared) than Regular Flare lashes for a flirty effect!

- Created upon special request of estheticians

- Length - 14 mm 

- Total 60 individual lashes on a tray 

- Each cluster is made of 10 perfectly curled & flared strands


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Reviewed by Marian Robinson, 11/27/2013

I received my SuperFlare Longs in black and after a few weeks to try them out, I am in love. These lashes are nothing short of diva. I love long dark lashes but hate the fake look of strip lashes. I have used individual flares or clusters when I don't have time or money for lash extensions. Having used Ardell Lashes for years, I noticed that they have shortened their mediums and they put too much glue on both the mediums and the longs. I will no longer need to be bothered with Ardell. The SuperFlares are affordable, don't contain too much glue, flare beautifully, and look great with or without makeup. Thank you ladies for creating these. I will be making a bulk purchase so that I can continue to use them and offer them to my own clients, as well. I love the longs but will also have to try the mediums to design custom looks. Please, keep these lashes and what ever you do, don't start putting too much glue on them. Thanks again. Mua!!