Individual Pro Dozen Pack

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The new look of efficiency. 

Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack

As a professional, you go through individual lashes like nobody’s business. You’ve probably been looking for the perfect dozen-pair solution that’s compact, efficient, and cost-effective. That’s why we created the Individual Pro Dozen Pack, the ingeniously simple solution to an age-old problem. It’s beauty with brains, and an environmentally-conscious heart to boot.




Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Elegant Lashes Individual Pro Dozen Pack - 12 lashes multi-pair box

There’s no use in pretty packaging if it’s environmentally wasteful, costly, and worst, time-consuming. The Pro Dozen Pack eliminates waste and increases efficiency by getting rid of unnecessary packaging that slows you down on the job. What you get is 12 bulk pairs of professional-grade individual lashes, neatly packaged into one sleek, clutter-reducing, eco-friendly package.




Portable. Practical. 100% Professional.

Portable Elegant Lashes Pro Dozen Pack

A dozen lashes can easily take up lots of space in your kit (or on your counter), but we all know it doesn’t have to. The Pro Dozen Pack’s ultra-portable design enables it to hold a perfect dozen lashes in the most minimalistic, space-saving way possible, without compromising convenience and efficiency. Take the Pro Dozen Pack with you wherever you’re on call – this multi-purpose box can go anywhere and do it all.




Simple yet revolutionary.

Revolutionary efficient pre-cut finger grooves

Stacking lashes can get messy unless someone gets smart about it. That’s why every lash tray in the Pro Dozen Pack is designed with pre-cut finger grooves that allow for instant and easy tray removal, no matter what level your lashes are at.




Reviewed by shilla K., 12/01/2016

 I love it love it ..^^ . little boxes so  pretty and Uniq Design !!
 love eyelashes too.