M016 Black Velvet Lash

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SHYNE Bonnie Lee wearing Elegant Lashes M016 M034 Black Velvet faux mink false eyelashes | sunny bonnie lee

Black Velvet Collection - Premium Luxury Lashes

Elegant Lashes® M016 




Luxury and glamour is now right at your fingertips. Our Black Velvet M016 lash is all about attitude with its layers of full and fluffy-looking base contrasted by sharp longer pieces. Made up of beautifully smoky layers of criss-cross faux mink hairs all over, these lashes are definitely the star of our Black Velvet Premium Luxury Lash Collection and it’s not hard to see why.


♥  Premium Luxury Lashes

♥  Two luscious layers of wispy criss-cross lashes

♥  Cruelty-free mink-like fibers are thicker at the roots and tapered at the tips to mimic real hair 

♥  100% hand-crafted with love to perfection

♥  Resuable




Elegant Lashes Bulk Packaging

Reviewed by Jessica F, 07/09/2015

Amazing style, gorgeous, incredibly durable. such a classy-dramatic look. If you haven't tried this style yet, do it.

Reviewed by Caitlyn, 01/27/2015

There really is nothing like the M016 lashes. I don't know how to explain it correctly but the lashes are spiky in the packaging and extremely soft and "smokey looking" when worn. They feel so so soft to the touch and look like mink fur but there's no animal hair which makes me feel good about where and how I spend my money.

I took a risk after looking at photos on Instagram and reading the reviews on here and went for the triple pack. The packaging is minimalistic yet innovative and I really like that I can reuse it to carry around extra glue and a pair of tweezers in my purse for mid-day touchups. Great idea!

I've lost count of how many times I've worn my current pair of M016s but the still hold up great. I know I should branch out and try other styles on this site because there's so many but I think I love these ones a little toooo much. ;)

The best part about these lashes is how gorgeous they are when double stacked - WOW!!!! Thanks to the ladies who reviewed below me for the idea. I got creative and also tried it with a spiky pair of lashes and it looked like a whole new pair of lashes!

I wanted to get married in the M016s. If there's ever a bulk option for this like there are for all the other styles then I will not hesitate to get it!

Reviewed by Lydia K., 07/21/2014

Damn gorgeous lashes. Great quality and I can reuse them so many times. I stacked the lashes like the first reviewer said and OMG in love! ! ! I agree with the other two reviewers get the triple packs!

Reviewed by Jenna Abidjian, 05/15/2014

These lashes are the BEST! I got the black velvet collection and fell in love with this style. I'm forever ordering these from you girls. Exact dupe to house of lashes pixie luxe but waaaaay cheaper. you get three pairs for $22 here and pay $30 for a 3pack at house of lashes. I think I know where I'm shopping from now on!

Reviewed by Isabelle, 05/12/2014

LAAAAAAAWWWWDDD these black velvet lashes are GAWJUSSSS!!! Ddeffintely worth the cost and so much more. The hairs are super soft and I love that they are cruelty free. Simply beautiful. P.S. Get the Triple Pack. Its cheaper and the lashes look DIVINE double stacked.

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