M034 Black Velvet Under Lash

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SHYNE Bonnie Lee wearing Elegant Lashes M016 M034 Black Velvet faux mink false eyelashes | sunny bonnie leeBlack Velvet Collection - Premium Luxury Lashes

Elegant Lashes® M034 Mystic Lash





♥  Premium Luxury Lashes

♥  Unique criss-cross pattern for perfeclty volumized and separated bottom lashes

♥  Cruelty-free mink-like fibers are thicker at the roots and tapered at the tips to mimic real hair 

♥  Perfect finishing touch to any smokey eye look

♥  Looks great with M016, M030, M032, and M033 lashes





Triple pack: 
Three pairs of Elegant Lashes® are placed on 3 individual trays which are then inserted into the jumbo-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard. (save on unit cost)
elegant lashes human hair false eyelashes triple pack in packagingElegant Lashes false eyelashes triple pack packaging



This is the actual package Triple Pack (3 pairs/3 trays) you will receive.


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Bulk: If you wish, you may instead buy in bulk (lashes placed on tray only - no hangtag, no clamshell) by clicking "Bulk" in the "Select Quantity" dropdown menu above.




mac shu uemura false eyelashes packagingelegant lashes human hair false eyelashes packaging

Regular Single pack: 

One pair of Elegant Lashes is placed on regular-size tray which is then inserted into the regular-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard.


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Reviewed by syliva, 10/29/2014

fun shape and their not as dramatic or scary as you would think when worn. i like how they really complete my makeup for a night out. :)

Reviewed by Jenna Abadjian, 05/15/2014

I love this bottom lash and the other one from the Black Velvet collection! It's perfect for smoky eye looks and it's actually pretty easy to apply once you get the hang of it. UGH!!! I can't believe how pretty these are!

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