F131 Feather Eyelash

Makeup by Patrick Boltinghouse, Vanity & Glamour
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White Feather Eyelashes

Premium Feather Eyelashes
Elegant Lashes® F131 Feather Eyelash



- Soft, round, white feathers

- Lashes are 100% handmade from top quality materials

- Reusable

- Ideal for photo/video shoots, dance, runway/print, cheer, theater, performance, parties, and Halloween

carnival color lashes - bulk packaging CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGING:


Triple pack: Three pairs of Elegant Lashes are placed on 3 individual trays which are then inserted into the jumbo-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard.
(Save on unit cost!)


Bulk: If you wish, you may instead buy in bulk (lashes placed on large-size tray only - no hangtag, no clamshell) by clicking "Bulk" in the dropdown menu above.


Regular Single Pack: One pair of Elegant Lashes is placed on a regular-size tray which is then inserted into the regular-size clear clamshell case with hangtag cardboard.



Reviewed by T. Cordova, 11/07/2012

These were wonderful for the photo shoot we worked on recently. Your website and pricing system is truly a godsend for professionals and small business owners like myself!

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