Rewards Club


Did you know every dollar spent on lash purchases at earns you a reward point? 
You can redeem your points as Lash Cash gift certificates to buy more of your favorite falsies on our site.

Once you hit the 500-point mark, a $10 Lash Cash gift certificate will be automatically issued to you for your next purchase! So simple!


Earning points is easy: here are some fun ways to stack up FREE points:






Share your thoughts - submit a product review on our site!

There’s no limit to how many products you can review. Just make sure your reviews are helpful to others! (Please use your real full name, so we know who to give points to!)

Submit a
Model Photo


Email us a high-quality, clear photo of your client or yourself wearing Elegant Lashes® (please indicate Order # and style #) and we’ll post it on the corresponding product page for other people to see. Like this:


- Clear, high-quality photos only, please!

- Your approved model photo will be super helpful to other customers, 
  especially when you write a product review to accompany your photo!

Review or
Makeup Look Tutorial


  -  Publish a Review or Makeup Look Tutorial on your blog/YouTube
     channel using received products. Include a link to our website,   , in your video description or blog post.

  -  Email us a link to your blog/video along with Order # and lash style #.

  -  Please include footage of yourself holding up the packaging somewhere
     in your video/blog review so other people can see our packaging. This
     is also a good way for us to know if you are really using our products or

  -  Reward points awarded to approved blogs and videos ONLY. Approved
     blogs must satisfy all requirements listed above.



Refer a Friend!

Want more points? Refer friends to our site, and you'll receive half of their points for EVERY purchase they make! Simply sign into your account and hit “Refer Friends” to start earning easy points whenever your friends buy from us.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Beyonce loves Elegant Lashes® and decides to refer her friend, Nicki, to Beyonce signs in to her account, clicks “Refer Friends”, and enters Nicki’s email address when the prompt appears.
  2. Nicki receives an email from Elegant Lashes. She follows the link included in the e-mail and creates an account.*
  3. Nicki buys $100 worth of fabulous false eyelashes and earns 100 Reward Points for herself.
  4. Thanks to the Refer a Friend program, Beyonce gets an automatic 50 Reward Points poured into her account for the 100-point order that Nicki made.
  5. Nicki loves her Elegant Lashes® and buys more the next week. This time she makes a purchase of $200, earning 200 points for herself and 100 points for Beyonce.
  6. Beyonce and Nicki are both happy, and their friendship grows due to their mutual love of high-quality false lashes from!



* Friends MUST sign up using the link we provide. Otherwise, our system can't trace the referral back to your account, and you won't get points. :( Please note, referral points can only be awarded for friends who have not already created an account with us.