M030 Mystic Lash

$40.22 USD

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Incredibly natural and flattering for all eye shapes, this style boasts criss-cross hairs that are longest in the center to create a lovely doe-eyed effect on the eyes. 

Craving more volume and length? Opt for M033 Lash!

  • Expertly hand-crafted from cruelty-free synthetic fibers
  • Tapered tips for a more natural-looking, mink-like effect that mimics real hair!
  • Reusable up to 15 times

Customer Reviews

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Wonder lashes & customer service

I noticed the only review, on these lashes, leaned toward the negative.
The thick band can be used like Long wearing, mascara. It stays in place all night.
They aren’t so bendy but when I first take them out of the package
I usually wrap them around and I pencil, to get a good curve, before I put them on.
They’re well-made and last for several uses. A lot of lashes are way too big for my face and these look nice and natural. I hope this helps, give it a try 😘

Lori Arndt
MO30 Mystic lash

The lash was nice and full but I could not wear it because the lash band was not flexible not would it curl with a curler so it jetted straight out.