About Us

Our Philosophy


We believe in the professional.

Makeup artists, dancers, drag queens, studios, schools, circuses, theaters, and theme parks all need lashes in larger-than-normal quantities. Elegant Lashes makes it easy to keep your business fully stocked, all at prices that actually make business sense.


We believe in the lifestyle user.

False lashes aren't just for beauty. For women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions, Elegant Lashes false eyelashes empower women with a sense of normalcy so they can look and feel like themselves again every day, without breaking the bank. Start with our X-Short and Short lashes for the most believably naturally look!


We believe in quality without compromise.

Cheap lashes don't belong on anybody's face, but designer lashes are notoriously overpriced. Elegant Lashes manufactures its lashes from the same designer brands you love, and purchases in ridiculously large bulk quantities so the savings go directly to you. The result: irresistible designer-quality lashes at refreshingly affordable prices that won't leave you broke.


We believe in ethical beauty.

We at Elegant Lashes believe beauty should not come at the expense of another person. We willingly pay more for ethical manufacturing to ensure our production team is well-trained, well-treated, and well-paid to produce a noticeably superior product. 


We believe in eco-friendly business.

You'll notice Elegant Lashes packaging is thoughtfully minimalist compared to most beauty brands - this not only benefits you with more space and less clutter in your makeup kit, but it also eliminates unnecessary packaging waste, thereby reducing environmental impact. All packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, so please do your part and recycle/reuse!


We believe in serving with love.

We are humans serving fellow humans (and sometimes non-humans). Every order is packed and shipped with love and the deepest gratitude for your support of a family-owned American small business. We serve all customers regardless of race, religion, sex, citizenship, education, gender, age, sexual orientation, body type, politics, ability, profession, skin texture, eyebrow shape, health, shoe size, or any other possible thing that can might be used to "divide" people.