About Elegant Lashes: Usability/Sustainability


Q: Are your lashes sustainable?
A: Our boss ladies are nature-loving outdoor enthusiasts who believe beauty can be both fun AND environmentally responsible. All Elegant Lashes packaging is 100% recyclable, 100% reusable, and always thoughtfully designed to create as little environmental waste as possible. Please recycle!

Q: Are Elegant Lashes reusable?
A: All Elegant Lashes can be reused 8-15 times with proper care. Just remember to remove your lashes before bed with oil-free makeup remover (DON’T pull them off!) and remove any glue residue and makeup debris before placing the lashes back onto their tray. Our personal record – 25 uses for one Human Hair lash! How many times can you re-wear your Elegant Lashes?

Q: Do Elegant Lashes come with glue?
A: Those tiny single-use adhesives that come included in cheaper lashes are NOT our idea of an environmentally responsible product. Plus, we know that everyone’s body is different. In consideration of both the environment and those with certain adhesive ingredient sensitivities, adhesive is not included with lashes so that you can purchase an adhesive that works for YOU. (You can buy lash adhesive and adhesive removers here.)

Q: Is Elegant Lashes cruelty-free?
A: Elegant Lashes does not test on animals - we test on ourselves! We offer beautiful tapered faux mink (synthetic) lashes for those looking for vegan options.


Before You Buy


Q: How to choose the correct length/style? (An important message about length)
A: We believe the right lash is whatever style and length makes YOU or YOUR CLIENT look and feel their best. With that said, please understand our site & products are catered to professionals in the beauty & entertainment industries. Please note: Our lashes run longer than most false eyelash companies because we carry a much, MUCH larger range and we specialize in stage lashes for dancers/showgirls/theater. (To put it in perspective, our "Long" = drag queen; "X-Short" = bride.) If you are unfamiliar with Elegant Lashes® products, we strongly recommend that you keep to XS/Short (a.k.a., typical false eyelash length) styles for maximum product satisfaction. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Q: How to choose Individual Lashes?
A: We made an informative video just for you explaining just that. Watch it here: 


The Case Against Individual Packaging

FYI: Our packaging is different. All Elegant Lashes are packaged in multi-pair (Triple Pack, Double Pack, Pro Dozen Pack) or no packaging (bulk).


Q: Why can't I buy just one pair of eyelashes?
A: As Hollywood's premier BULK false eyelashes supplier we are dedicated 100% to servicing high-volume professionals in the beauty and entertainment industries. Individually packaged lashes are bulky, wasteful, and just plain don't make business sense. Furthermore, multi-pair and bulk (no packaging) lashes ensure studios and pros get designer-quality lashes at a significantly lower unit cost, eliminate clutter in your makeup kit, and minimize environmental waste. Yay! 

Q: Why are there 2 empty trays in my 100-pair bulk box?

A: Don't worry! Count the lashes, and you'll find there are 102 trays in total (100 lashes + 2 blank trays). All bulk boxes include 2 extra empty trays for cushioning and protection to ensure your lashes arrive in perfect condition. (50-pair bulk boxes will have 1 empty tray for cushioning and protection.)



Discounts/Tax Exemption


Q: I'm a professional MUA/salon owner/dance team. Do I get discounts?
A: Pro and volume discounts are automatically built into our prices so that you never have to wait for a sale or apply for pro discounts. This is how Hollywood’s and Broadway’s biggest movie studios, TV shows, production theaters, and dance companies are able to shop on our site so quickly and easily for bulk lashes for the entire cast without being part of a secret exclusive program. Our fierce commitment to honest pricing and only selling bulk lashes ensures that you ALWAYS enjoy an unbeatable automatic pro discount on the highest-quality premium lashes at prices that actually make business sense - no application or coupon code necessary! 

Q: I'm a retailer re-selling your lashes. Can I be tax exempt?
A: Yes! If you're purchasing lashes for re-sale or business use and have a valid California Seller's Permit, please download & print the CA Tax Exempt Form (PDF) and email your completed form (including signature) to cs@ElegantLashes.com so we can set up your account for tax exemption. Otherwise, all orders shipping to CA addresses will be charged sales tax in accordance with CA state law. (No tax for non-CA addresses.)




Payment Questions


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay. If you're in a hurry, we strongly suggest using PayPal (make sure you have a PayPal confirmed address!) for the fastest processing.

Q: Can I pay with my prepaid Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover gift card?
A: Yes! Make sure your prepaid gift card is registered under your name with a valid billing address. Lots of people tend to forget this important step, and that's why their prepaid cards won't work.

Q: My credit card got declined, but my bank statement shows that money has been taken out. What's going on?
A: Don't worry! This is actually a very common occurrence with unsuccessful credit card purchases. Just remember: if you did not receive an e-mail confirmation for your order, your order did not go through and neither did your payment. The transaction on your bank account may show "pending" for several days, but it will not complete. Call your bank or credit card company for details as every bank has a different turnaround time. Don't start demanding refunds beforehand - it's kind of impossible to refund a payment that never came in. ;P



Order Problems 




Q: I paid for a Triple Pack (3 pairs) of lashes, but only received one box of lashes in the mail. Where are the other two pairs of lashes?
A: It’s surprising how often we get asked this question. Open the box. There are three pairs of lashes inside. ;)

Q: Can I change/cancel my order?
A: Because we process and pack orders immediately, once your order is submitted it cannot be canceled or changed. Also, for your protection, we do not store your credit card information in our system, and therefore cannot simply charge you for any additional costs. Please double-check your cart items and all billing/shipping info before checkout!

Q: Where is my stuff?!?!!
A: You can track your package by following these easy steps: 

Log in > click most recent Order # > click Tracking Number provided (pink link)

Q: My package is marked "delivered" according to the tracking number you gave me, but I still don't have it. What happened? 
A: USPS is now allowed to scan packages as "delivered" up to 10 days before actual delivery. We know, it sucks. About 90% of the time when the tracking shows delivered but the package is not there, it is delivered within 24-48 hours. If your package is not delivered within 3 business days, call your local post office with your tracking number - you may have to provide a photo ID and physically pick up your parcel from your local mail carrier. Please understand that we are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages in any way. (Please see our Store Policy for how to resolve related problems.)

If you purchased Route shipping insurance you won't need to worry - simply file a claim here.


Q: My package was undeliverable and sent back to you guys. Help!
A: For all packages that must be re-shipped due to incorrect/insufficient/unknown addresses, failure to pick up from mail carrier, or returned to us for any reason, a re-shipping fee will be billed to you via PayPal Payment Request (amount depends on your location and package size). Please pay promptly; packages returned to our warehouse will be re-shipped immediately upon receipt of payment and corrected address.



Got other questions about your order? Leave us a friendly email at cs@elegantlashes.com! 
P.S. It helps a lot when you include your Order Number. ;)
P.P.S. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, we don't answer emails on weekends. :)