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Before you contact us, PLEASE review our awesome FAQ page.

90% of customers' questions (including the popular "Where's my order?!" and "Where are the other two lashes in my Triple Pack?") can be answered on our FAQ page.


Please understand that our site and products are strictly for professionals (makeup artists, salons, estheticians, business owners, retailers with retail accounts) who know what products to use and sell. We do not provide personal recommendations on any styles, to anyone. Please see this message regarding length in our FAQ before purchasing. 


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Where's my order/tracking number?!??!!

We're guessing you didn't read that bit above about visiting our awesome FAQ page before asking that very question. Because you missed it, here it is, straight from said awesome FAQ page:

Q: Where is my package?!?!!
A: You can track your package by following these easy steps: 

Log in > click most recent Order # > click Tracking Number provided 


Package marked "delivered" but didn't get it? Package sent back to sender? 

Click here. (Yes, it takes you to the awesome FAQ page.)


Got other questions about your order? Shoot us a friendly e-mail with your Order Number at cs @!
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P.P.S. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, we don't answer emails on weekends (including Fridays after 5 PM) or holidays. :)