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The ultimate queen of classics! The timeless #747 false eyelash style flatters any and every eye shape! Available in XS, S, M, and L lengths. #747L measures 17mm long.


  • Medium volume | Long length
  • Premium 100% Natural Human Hair
  • Reusable up to 15 times

Customer Reviews

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Ms. Newton
1 tray of lashes missing

I am pleased with the style and length I purchased, but when they were unboxed there was a tray of lashes missing from my order.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed knowing I paid for 50 pcs. and only received 49 pcs. total. PLEASE, PLEASE elegantlashes.com count ALL the bundles before shipping.

I am glad I didn't purchased a bigger bundle. 😥


As stated in our FAQ page:

Q: Why are there 2 empty trays in my 100-pair bulk box?
A: Don't worry! Count the lashes, and you'll find there are 102 trays in total (100 lashes + 2 blank trays). All bulk boxes include 2 extra empty trays for cushioning and protection to ensure your lashes arrive in perfect condition. (50-PAIR BULK BOXES WILL HAVE 1 EXTRA EMPTY TRAY FOR CUSHIONIING & PROTECTION.)

Count the lashes and you'll find you have 51 tays total in your 50-pair bulk box (50 lashes + 1 protective empty tray for cushioning).
If you find a different number of trays, you can always reach out to us and we'll make things right. :)

Best regards,
Elegant Lashes

Averie Devenport
Best lashes ever!

I’ve been wearing lashes for 15 years and these are my favorite! Everywhere I go people tell me how pretty my lashes are. Even places like my nail salon and the girl that does my Botox (both places offer lash services) tell me they’ve never seen prettier lashes. And since we have to wear a mask everywhere and all people see are your eyes they are worth ever penny!!!