W947 "Queenie" Wild Color Lash

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Lashes so long they'll fly you away from everyone's 💩. Meet #Queenie, the jet-black vegan lash featuring edgy spikes, out-of-this-world curl, and an unbelievably long wing. She's the supersized love child of world-famous #301 and W999 lashes.


  • Drag mom to Lolita lashes
  • 100% Handmade with love
  • Reusable with proper care
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Costume Couture collection: All sales final

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jacob P.S. Lemmenes
Wingtips Made for a Queen

I love huge lashes for the simple fact that they help hide any mistakes made when painting my eyes. But that's the least these babies will do. My first pair held up through the most extreme multiple weeks of double show weekends during the hottest heatwave to-date under even hotter stage lights. They have kept their shape after nearly being sweated off every show. I fact I have been surprised to find just how little is still glued and truly attached to my lid because up until removing them they feel so secure while all the time incredibly lightweight. Highly recommend these to all - for no matter what level of queendom you're at, you'll hit the stage a Diva when wearing a a pair of these!

N Maurice Roberts

Just love the styling and quality of these lashes.

Jose Fuentes
Best shopping experience

I ordered these late at night and they shipped super early in the morning. I received all my lashes like 2 days after ordering! Crazy fast processing and shipping. The lashes are beautiful and dramatic af just how i like em. I feel like these lashes are priced a lot cheaper than theyre worth. Such a steal.

Arnulfo Sanchez

Loved them so much!


These are so fabulous! Such a long and dramatic wing. Love them for drag when I want that wingy-wispy look! :) Will certainly be getting more.