Witches & Wizards Collection™

$55.00 USD

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Geek your heart out with the whimsical Witches & Wizards Collection, featuring four handcrafted custom color-blend lashes inspired by your favorite stories of witchcraft and wizardry! Each cruelty-free vegan lash is thoughtfully designed to represent each House's distinct personality and color, and comes in a beautiful Magical Collector's Trunk with a special magical pet included to accompany you on your adventures! ❤💚💛💙



Witches & Wizards Collection™ includes:

  • Magical Collector's Trunk (attractive PR box makes this the perfect gift!)
  • ❤ LIONESS ❤: With a graduated wispy shape reminiscent of a lion's mane, this gorgeous lash is longest and boldest at the ends for an eye-lifting, distinctly feline look. RAWR!
  • 💚 SLITHER 💚: A sickening spiky lash to mimic the fangs of a serpent. She's the longest lash of the collection and perfectly brings out the sassy personality of those who belong in this house!
  • 💛 PUFF 💛: A fluffy lash that's just as delightful as the house she represents! Playful yellow is stacked between two layers of decadent criss-cross lashes for MAJOR eye-opening volume!
  • 💙 RAVENA 💙: Soft and feathery like the wings of a raven, the beautiful blue ombre tips of this clever lash brighten and whiten the eyes (for all those late nights studying 🤓), while giving an irresistibly sultry effect!
  • Adorable vintage bronze owl + envelope pendant necklace (ARV $13), lovingly packaged in classic brown paper & hand-tied twine - because everyone needs a magical pet! 🦉


Vegan & Cruelty-free
Lashes are reusable up to 20x
100% Recyclable packaging


LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER. All sales final.
Adhesive not included for allergy/sensitivity reasons. Choose your favorite glue here!



Elegant Lashes is proud of this original and trademarked creation inspired by our favorite tales of magic and friendship! It is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or associated with any other literary/artistic work or brand.